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Why Discuss Dewey?

What makes a testimonial valuable?  Answer:  The knowledge, accomplishments, and character of who made it.

Readers of the testimonial think:   Hmm.  X is a reputable guy, famous professor, I bet what he recommends is worth looking into.

Or they think:   Hmm.  X devised a raft of intellectual fallacies.  I bet it’s a crock.

Whoever’s right, I hope we can come to agree that it’s important to air Dewey’s ideas in general, not just focus on his particular statements describing and endorsing the Alexander Technique.

If practically all Dewey’s ideas are wrong, if the basics of his philosophy are malicious  as I maintain they are  his endorsement will repel people from the Alexander Technique.

People who know Dewey’s ideas that is.

The attraction of his endorsement depends on the ignorance of its readers.

At this time most people are indeed ignorant about Dewey, and promoters of the Technique should not take advantage of that ignorance.

Not that the various Alexander Technique websites and brochures featuring Dewey intend to do that.  Most of their authors are in the same position as their readers.  Very, very few people crack a book by John Dewey.  Hence the value of a few quotes from them.