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Two-edged Language

What strikes me about Dewey’s politics is that Dewey uses the same ideas, even the same phrases, to justify tyranny as he does to justify the Alexander Technique.

The “ends and means” lingo, “constructive,” “self-criticism,” etc.  We’ll see more of this in future quotes.

Some respondents are incensed that I even bring up this subject.  I can furnish Dewey quote after Dewey quote showing him praising tyranny in “ends and means” terms, and to them it’s irrelevant.  Teachers should go on using Dewey’s endorsements and descriptions without a qualm.

The attraction of Dewey’s writing on the Alexander Technique depends on the ignorance of its readers.  Become informed about Dewey, and these writings become repulsive.  Even when Dewey says something correct, it’s repulsive in the context of an endorsement, because the value of an endorsement depends on the integrity of the man making it.