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A respondent wrote:

« In Experience and Education, Dewey warns that when two parties square off in a long cultural battle ... most likely both were stuck in a blind alley and should get out on the Open Road for a new perspective.  “Fulfillment is fulfilling, perfection is perfecting,”  wrote Dewey,  “and the good is now or never.” »

Voltaire once observed that what’s too silly to say, can be sung.  But this ...

------  Reverie on  ------

Memphis, Tennessee  Graceland, 1960.

Elvis:   I hear you found a new song for me.

Jake:   You bet.  Listen to this.
          Fulfillment is fulfilling
          Perfection is perfecting.
          And the good
          Is now or never.

Elvis:   [making a face] Who the hell wrote that?

Jake:   A real up and comer, John Dewey.

Elvis:  Well he can up and go somewhere else.
          Maybe could use the last line though.
          [strums E major chord, recalls O Sole Mio,
          It’s now or ne-ver, come hold ...

------  Reverie off  ------

Dewey’s prose style is a forerunner of what critics of teacher colleges call educationese, also known as edubabble  the incredibly bad writing endemic among education professors and school administrators.  Dewey was the first edubabbler. His students scatter “rich,” “vital,” “full,” “growing” throughout a pack of nonsense and send it off to the publisher.