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A respondent says two of my assertions are:

« (1) Dewey’s socialist views are unacceptable since socialism is an ... evil idea »

Specifically, socialism punishes work, thrift, talent, and other virtues.  And setting up and maintaining a socialist country requires violence, coercing men and women, violating rights.

« (2) Dewey was prepared to endorse a brutal regime because it fitted in with his views. »

Not only prepared, he did it.  Why the pussyfooting around?

Someone who gushed with praise over a regime that had just murdered, and was murdering, many thousands (soon many millions) of innocent people, and ridiculed those who pointed it out, whatever the justification he gives, is not someone whose endorsement Alexandrians should value.

Those who know the history of Russia know that anyone praising the Soviets in 1928 was either stupid or rotten at heart  or a combination of both.  But that’s not my main point.  Ask yourself what Dewey saw in the Soviets and for which he praised them.

As for Dewey in 1931, three years later, see the next article:  Grumblers in the USSR.